Public Works Grants

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Onsite-training at OMAG

Onsite Training

Quarterly training is provided to OMAG Plan participants at no cost and it is scheduled at their convenience.  One of these courses has been approved for 4 hours credit from the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and for 4 hours of Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) credits. Many of our courses, both onsite and online have been approved by CLEET for credits. This training is designed to assist in accomplishing one or more of the following:

  • Satisfy training requirements mandated by regulations

  • Train city employees to recognize, evaluate, and control hazards

  • Assist in the reduction of tort liability claims

  • Reduce accidents and injuries that occur on the job

  • Reduce the costs associated with liability and workers’ compensation claims


Onsite Course:

Back/Safe Lifting
Background Investigations
Backhoe Safety
Basic Jail Training
Blood Borne Pathogens
Cold Stress
Compressed Gas Cylinder
Customer Service
Confined Spaces
Defensive Driving
Electrical Safety
Emergency Action
Fire Extinguishers

Machine Guarding
Material Handling
Mowing Safety
Office Safety
Poisonous Plants
Personal Protective Equipment
Public Building Security
Respiratory Protection
Sewer Backups
Slips, Trips, Falls
Trenching Safety
Welding Safety
Workplace Violence

Fire Prevention
Flammable Liquids
General Safety
General Safety Jenga
Ground Keeping
Hand & Power Tools
Hazardous Communication
Hazard ID & Control
Hazardous Gases
Heat Stress
Improving Communications
Lock Out/Tag Out


Drivers Training for City Employees and Law Enforcement

Police Officer in Squad Car

OMAG offers free drivers training to its members. The courses are conducted at OSU-OKC through the Center for Safety & Emergency Preparedness (CSEP) in Oklahoma City.  The basic course is one day and is designed for any employee that operates a city-owned car or pickup.  The Advanced LEDT course is three days and is for police officers. 

OMAG will pay for a one-night stay at the Best Western Saddleback Inn, if your municipality is more than 60 miles from OKC.  We will also pay for your use of an OSU vehicle during the training to save wear & tear on your municipality’s vehicle.  Transportation and meals are the responsibility of each participant.

To enroll or get more information contact Joy Kleman at CSEP (405) 945-3285.  Be sure to tell her that your municipality is an OMAG participant.


LocalGovU Online Training

OMAG’s web-based online training offers a variety of classes; management, safety, law enforcement, employment issues, etc.  Many of these courses are also approved by CLEET for continuing education credit.  Upon registration on our website, the individual can take as many classes as desired.  These courses are self-paced and include a quiz at the end.  A certificate is provided for documentation.


Risk Management Department Audits and Inspections

OMAG’s Risk Management Specialists can perform audits and inspections to identify, evaluate, and assist in controlling recognized hazards that may lead to liability or workers’ compensation claims.

PEOSH Inspections

  • OMAG’s Risk Management Specialists will conduct both Pre- & Post- PEOSH Inspections.

  • Pre-inspections are conducted to identify safety and health hazards that are in violation of current safety regulations (29 CFR 1910 and 1926).  These inspections attempt to prepare the city or town for an actual PEOSH inspection.  Post inspections are aimed at providing recommendations to mitigate or eliminate violations cited in a PEOSH inspection.

    Email Kip Prichard or William Sheppard or call (800) 234-9461 to schedule an inspection.

Facility Inspections

  • These inspections are focused on identifying hazards and safety regulation violations in areas such as fire prevention, equipment, machine guarding, chemical storage and general working conditions.

    Email Kip Prichard or William Sheppard or call (800) 234-9461 to schedule an inspection.

Playground Inspections and Audits

Childrens Playground
  • Playground equipment can be a tremendous liability exposure if the equipment is not installed, maintained, and inspected in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions, and the nationally recognized standard on playground equipment (ASTM 1487).  The audits are completed to ensure that the playground is within the “Standard of Care” as specified in ASTM 1487. 

  • Playground audits are only performed by staff members that have been trained in accordance with the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), and are Certified Playground Safety Inspectors.  The inspections document the identification and correction of potential hazards.  The inspections should be completed periodically, and the safety coordinator of the city can be trained to complete these. 

    Email Kip Prichard or call (800) 234-9461 to schedule an inspection.

Sewer Line Inspections and Audits

  • Sewer backup claims are one of the most frequent liability claims.  In an effort to assist our municipalities and help them reduce the frequency of these claims, we offer a sewer line camera inspection. Visit the Sanitary Sewer CCTV Grant application, email William Sheppard or call (800) 234-9461 to schedule an inspection.


Training Video Checkout

In addition to our growing collection of online videos, OMAG maintains an extensive library of DVDs with a focus on safety. Visit the DVD Training Library to request the loan of a video. We'll even mail it to you for free!


SL-RAT (Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool)

SL-RAT stands for Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool. This tool is available to OMAG municipalities at no charge.

The SL-RAT is a highly portable onsite assessment tool that quickly detects blockage conditions in gravity-fed sewers. It can provide a blockage assessment in 3 minutes or less with no flow contact.

SL-RAT tool in a man hole

The SL-RAT is composed of two components – the Transmitter (TX) and the Receiver (RX). Each SL-RAT device is used as a pair with the TX providing the active acoustic transmission through the pipe. Think of the TX as “yelling” down the pipe, and the RX as providing the microphone and signal processing capabilities to listen to and interpret the received acoustic signal. The RX is the brain that “listens” for the blockage and processes the blockage assessment result. 

Email William Sheppard or call (800) 234-9461 to schedule an inspection. 


Caring For Cemeteries Training

This course was developed to assist Oklahoma municipalities address various challenges and issues cemetery caretakers might face.

cemetery grave stones

Topics include:   

•    Cemetery Purposes
•    Maintenance and preservation
•    Lighting
•    Best Practices
•    Written Guidelines

Who should attend:

•    Groundskeepers
•    Clerks
•    Public Works Employees
•    Caretakers
•    Cemetery Volunteer
•    Administrators.

There is no cost to attend the course. Please contact Kevin McCullough at 405-657-1408 for more information or to schedule a training.