Since 1984, OMAG's Workers' Compensation Plan consists of two program types:

  • Aggregate Deductible Plan: A self-funded program that allows a municipality to pay into its own loss fund from which claims are paid. When claims are less than the loss fund, the difference is returned to the municipality. Because of the nature of this plan, all participants receive a GASB report after each plan year for financial auditing purposes.

  • Standard Group - A Standard policy based upon payroll by classification of employee. This program does not provide any premium refund.

Member cities with successful loss control and worker safety efforts that see a reduction in claims can find themselves saving money as OMAG helps to shift them into its Retention Plan.

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Claims for Workers' Compensation are handled by Consolidated Benefits Resources (CBR). CBR requires the submission of the completed Workers' Compensation Claim packet to initiate a claim. 

Consolidated Benefits Resources
P.O. Box 13770
Oklahoma City, OK 73113

Phone: (405) 848-3387
Toll-Free Phone: (800) 822-5733
Fax: (800) 898-6465


Update on the Workers’ Compensation Commission Mandate for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

CBR is on schedule to begin filing claims data electronically with the Workers’ Compensation Commission effective 9/1/2018.   You will continue to file the Form 2s or injury notification forms with CBR the same way, through   Upon receipt, CBR will file your claim electronically to the Workers’ Compensation Commission.  You will no longer be required to send a hard copy of the Form 2 to the Workers’ Compensation Commission. 

CBR is developing an online portal for you to report claims to CBR with an anticipated effective date of 10/1/2018.

Please continue with CBR’s best practice recommendation to turn in your claim to CBR within 5 days of your notice of injury, preferably 2 to 3 days.  If mandatory information is missing, we will contact you the same or next day.  The contact may come from an EDI specialist at CBR, not from your adjuster.

If you have any questions, please contact Richard Fisher, or 405-715-5033

Consolidated Benefits Resources Staff:

Richard Fisher
Direct Phone: (405) 715-5033


Senior Claims Administrator
David Dalton
P: (405) 657-1436

Jerry Whorton
Direct Phone: (405) 715-5001


Claims Administrator
Leslie Noriega
Direct Phone: (405) 657-1437


Claims Administrator
Shandra Lindley
Direct Phone: (405) 657-1433




Claims Administrator
Donna Lahti
Direct Phone: (405) 657-1435


Claims Manager
Jill Chaffin
Direct Phone: (405) 657-1431