2019 Surplus Equipment Distribution

In August 2016, OMAG's Board of Trustees approved a change to OMAG's Asset Inventory and Control Policy that allows OMAG to transfer any inventory declared as surplus to any of OMAG's members for no cost. Historically, our surplus equipment and inventory was directly auctioned off to the public at large, but OMAG believes that some of this equipment, while gently used, may still be of benefit to OMAG's membership during trying economic times. Due to the fact that OMAG members purchased the equipment through their premiums, we feel it is only fair to provide it back to OMAG members. Any equipment left unclaimed will be auctioned off to the public as per procedure.

2019's surplus equipment submission requests and distribution begins on March 4th, 2019.
Equipment will need to be removed from OMAG's premises by March 15, 2019 or it will be subject to public auction.

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IT Equipment

As OMAG consolidates and modernizes its technology, we've had the opportunity to eliminate some redundant or aged servers and networking equipment, but some of this equipment is still viable for member cities that haven't had a chance to upgrade in a while.


Audio & Video

OMAG has a small assortment of audio and video surplus. Look for the tag A/V in the list to see what is available for distribution. 

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Computers & Office Equipment

OMAG has some extra filing cabinets, printers, wireless phone headsets, and other assorted odds and ends.

Click to download the surplus notice: Notice of Sale of Surplus Property 190301.pdf

Fill out the form to request surplus equipment.

Frequently Asked questions

How do I request or "hold" equipment?

During periods of surplus distribution, a form will be available on this page to request equipment. Please include the exact items you are requesting and their quantity. Requests will be handled first-come, first-served. If holds are not picked up, or other arrangements made with OMAG staff, from OMAG's offices within 72 hours after your request is accepted by our staff (you will receive an email), the next member to request the equipment will be given an opportunity to claim it or it will go back on the list.

Who can request this equipment?

Only OMAG Member Cities and Towns are allowed access to this equipment. OMAG Members are not the same as OMAG Plan Participants. A member is a municipality that has executed the "Agreement to become an OMAG Member", and is a current OMAG Plan Participant in good standing. If you receive an annual ballot from OMAG for our board of trustees elections, that is one way you know you are probably an OMAG member. Non-members are welcome to bid on any remaining equipment during the public auction period.

How do I pick-up my equipment?

Equipment can be picked up between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday between the dates listed above at 3650 S. Boulevard in Edmond. At this time, we're not really able to make arrangements to have equipment shipped or delivered. A municipal official with authority to sign for the equipment will need to be present, and must sign the inventory transfer and to certify that the equipment is to be used for municipal government business only.

Municipal staff and any associates should be prepared to lift and transport any equipment to whatever vehicle the staff or municipality will be driving to and from OMAG. OMAG is unable to help move surplus equipment out of the building. Instead, OMAG staff will direct municipal staff to the equipment and identify which items are being transferred. OMAG does have some limited dollies and furniture moving equipment,but is unable to assist in moving, lifting, or securing equipment.

What about warranties, setup, or assistance?

The equipment, especially the IT and computer equipment, does not come with any warranty from OMAG, and in most cases the original equipment manufacturer warranty has already expired. We have also endeavored to identify any broken, damaged, or DOA equipment, though with the right tools and replacement parts, we believe all of our equipment could be returned to useful life, or at least can be used for spare parts. OMAG Technology Services is willing to provide general advice and assistance, and we are willing to work with any municipalities' IT team, but we cannot act as a replacement for a local, full-time IT team dedicated to your municipality.

What can the equipment be used for?

The equipment is to be transferred to a municipal government only and should only be used for that municipal government's official business. OMAG will require a city or town official present during the transfer to sign for the equipment. It is the discretion of the leadership of each municipality what projects or use the equipment is to be used for.