DEQ Training held at OMAG

Onsite Law Enforcement Training

Our law enforcement training is specifically tailored to the needs of police departments.  The training stresses not only officer safety, but how the officer can protect the city from liability claims through the use of correct policies and procedures. 

Some of the CLEET accredited courses are:

Arrest Authority and Alternatives                          Use of Force – Liability Reduction

Professional Conduct                                              Use of Force – MILO Shooting Decisions

Basic Jail Training                                                     Below 100

Continuing Education for Jail Personnel                Basic Training for Communications Personnel

Preventing Jail Suicide 

Email Kevin McCullough or Billy Carter or call (800) 234-9461 to schedule training for your officers.


MILO (Virtual Use of Force Simulator)

Kevin McCullough using the MILO Training System

The MILO system is a portable use of force and tactical judgment training system which provides fully interactive video scenarios.   

Email Kevin McCullough or Billy Carter or call (800) 234-9461 to schedule training for your officers. 


Law Enforcement Audits and Inspections

The Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group has been assisting our law enforcement agencies with policy development for over a decade now.  OMAG’s Law Enforcement Specialists have developed a policy review process which includes an evaluation of the agency’s policy manual.  The evaluation is provided to OMAG Liability Plan members at no additional cost.   

OMAG has also developed an Evidence/Property Audit program which meets the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Agency Accreditation and Professional Standards Program requirements.   Agencies can schedule an appointment with one of OMAG’s Law Enforcement Specialists to conduct a Property and Evidence Audit for their agency.  Within a few days of the audit the agency head will receive a written report from OMAG which will include an evaluation of the Evidence and Property Management System.   

Email Kevin McCullough or Billy Carter or call (800) 234-9461 to schedule an audit/inspection.


Training Video Checkout

In addition to our growing collection of online videos, OMAG maintains an extensive library of DVDs with a focus on Law Enforcement. Visit the DVD Training Library to request the loan of a video. We'll even mail it to you for free!


Online Training

LocalGovU Online Training

  • OMAG’s web-based online training offers a variety of classes; management, safety, law enforcement, employment issues, etc.  Many of these courses are also approved by CLEET for continuing education credit.  Upon registration on our website, the individual can take as many classes as desired. These courses are self-paced and include a quiz at the end.  A certificate is provided for documentation.


  • OMAG is pleased to bring Lexipol’s risk management tools for public safety organizations to your agency at no cost to you.

  • Lexipol’s value includes integrating Oklahoma-specific, customizable policy manuals with a Daily Training Bulletin service.  Timely updates based on federal and state law, regulations and best practices are written by legal and public safety professionals who constantly monitor major court decisions.  Daily Training Bulletins reinforce policies through short, scenario-based training segments that are accessible online anytime via Lexipol’s secure website.

 Email Kevin McCullough or Billy Carter or call (800) 234-9461 for more information.


Driver Training for City Employees and Law Enforcement

Police officer inside squad car

OMAG offers free driver training to its members. The courses are conducted at OSU-OKC through the Center for Safety & Emergency Preparedness (CSEP) in Oklahoma City.  The basic course is one day and is designed for any employee that operates a city-owned car or pickup.  The Advanced LEDT course is three days and is for police officers. 

 OMAG will pay for a one-night stay at the Best Western Saddleback Inn, if your municipality is more than 60 miles from OKC.  We will also pay for your use of an OSU vehicle during the training to save wear & tear on your municipality’s vehicle.  Transportation and meals are the responsibility of each participant.

To enroll or get more information contact Joy Kleman at CSEP (405) 945-3285.  Be sure to tell her that your municipality is an OMAG participant.

GPS Tracking Services for Police Departments

OMAG will purchase equipment and the first year of service for GPS Dongles and monitoring for patrol cars through our partner, U.S. Fleet Tracking. This service allows police chiefs the opportunity to see cruiser maintenance status, review adherence to jurisdictions, and be alerted in real-time via text message in the event of a high-speed pursuit.

Email Kevin McCullough or Billy Carter or call (800) 234-9461 for more information.

Kevins Korner Banner

Kevin’s Korner was created by OMAG Law Enforcement Specialist, Kevin McCullough.  This series aims to be informative as well as a way to promote good safety habits.  Watch the videos below and check back regularly for more as they are released.  If you have questions or comments please email Kevin or call him at (800) 234-9461.