SL-RAT Sanitary Sewer Line Evaluation/Inspection


SL-RAT stands for Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool. This tool is available to OMAG municipalities at no charge.

The SL-RAT is a highly portable onsite assessment tool that quickly detects blockage conditions in gravity-fed sewers. It can provide a blockage assessment in 3 minutes or less with no flow contact.

The SL-RAT is composed of two components – the Transmitter (TX) and the Receiver (RX). Each SL-RAT device is used as a pair with the TX providing the active acoustic transmission through the pipe. Think of the TX as “yelling” down the pipe, and the RX as providing the microphone and signal processing capabilities to listen to and interpret the received acoustic signal. The RX is the brain that “listens” for the blockage and processes the blockage assessment result. 

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