Courtesy Vehicles at Airparks - Are We Covered?

Courtesy Vehicles at Airparks - Are We Covered?

The responsibility to respond to our members' coverage questions and provide coverage interpretation primarily falls on OMAG’s Underwriting and Member Services Departments with support provided by OMAG’s Legal and Risk Management Departments. Providing a clear and consistent response to these inquiries is always our goal.

Our members occasionally ask “If we provide a courtesy vehicle to visitors at our airpark, are we covered?”

Our Municipal Liability Protection Plan (MLPP) provides that coverage is afforded to “Any other person while using an owned automobile with the permission of the named plan member, provided that the person’s actual operation or other actual use of the automobile is within the scope of such permission… “

If the city has scheduled a vehicle on the policy with the appropriate coverage and the city gives an individual permission to drive the vehicle, the city is provided coverage under the plan.

We would suggest that you work with your City Attorney to draw up a Courtesy Car Agreement (example provided below). The driver’s personal information, along with the appropriate city employee signature should be required. The stipulation to stay within city limits is strongly suggested as well as requiring a time and date for the vehicle to be returned.  Any requirement to replace the fuel should be at the discretion of the city.

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