Municipal Fire Department Controlled Burns

The responsibility to respond to our members' coverage questions and provide coverage interpretation primarily falls on OMAG’s Underwriting and Member Services Departments with support provided by OMAG’s Legal and Risk Management Departments. Providing a clear and consistent response to these inquiries is always our goal.

Our members occasionally ask “Does our Municipal Liability Protection Plan (MLPP) provide coverage for any property damage or bodily injury that might occur if our fire department is executing a controlled burn?” 

If your Fire Marshall or Fire Chief has jurisdictional authority to execute these “controlled burns” your next call should be to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality to notify them and get further instruction on proper handling including any permit that is required or notice to property owners.  As with any other municipal duty performed, we always have a responsibility to protect the public and follow responsible procedure.   

If the proper procedures and regulations are followed OMAG does provide coverage under the MLPP.  Please don't hesitate to contact Chris Webb, Underwriting Director, if you have further questions about this topic.  Chris can be reached at cwebb@omag.org or (800) 234-9461.


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