Understanding Your OMAG Municipal Property Protection Plan - How Are Municipal Properties Covered?

As personnel in municipal offices change, replacing the knowledge and experience of the person that served your municipality can be difficult.  Understanding insurance coverage when so many other things seem to demand our attention may not be a priority. Please let the following serve to provide a basic description of the coverage OMAG provides.  

Building Coverage – Insures the city’s structures such as: buildings, water storage towers and tanks, water/waste water plants (including lift stations), stationary generators, electric transformers & substations, emergency sirens, park structures (playground equipment, pavilions, fencing, lighting, skate/splash parks, concessions, score boards) etc.

Contents Coverage – Insures the city’s property inside or on those structures such as: furniture or fixtures, electronic data processing equipment (such as computers, printers, copiers, word processors, facsimile machines, multi-functional telephone equipment), machinery or equipment (such as equipment used for food preparation or storage); or other business personal property used in the city’s business. This property must be located in or on the buildings owned by the city or within 1,000 feet of the building's premises. 

Mobile or Contractors Equipment Coverage – Insures mobile machinery and equipment such as: backhoes, tractors, mowers, portable generators, etc.

Miscellaneous Equipment Coverage – Insures equipment installed in your emergency vehicles such as: sirens, light bars, radar, etc., or equipment used in the city’s business transported outside 1000 feet of a covered building such as: hand-held radios, utility reading equipment, tools, laptop computers, cameras, etc.  

Fine Arts Coverage – Insures property of rarity, historic value or artistic merit such as: paintings, statuary, rare books, antique furniture, etc.   

To assure adequate protection in case of a loss, your property needs to be reviewed annually to insure it is listed on your schedules at replacement cost value. These schedules of your covered properties are available on the OMAG Portal at https://portal.omag.org.


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