OKIE811 Membership Required

OKIE811 Membership Required

In April 2016 Governor Fallin signed HB-1951, which requires all Oklahoma municipalities with underground lines to register/become a member of Oklahoma One-Call, or OKIE811.  The law became effective November 1, 2016.

Members are expected to fully utilize One-Call and 811 to ensure notifications are made to have underground lines located, to participate with all other members in protecting excavators from injury and to protect all underground facilities/lines from damage.

To date, very few Oklahoma municipalities have complied with the law by registering as One-Call members.  This is just a friendly reminder from OMAG to attend to this task.  In addition to the importance of complying with state law, a municipality fully participating in the program receives the benefit of protecting their underground lines from damage, and enhances their ability to receive compensation when their lines ARE damaged by others.

Visit the OKIE811 website at http://www.okie811.org/join-now/ to begin the membership application process.  If you have questions, contact them at (800) 522-6544 or MemberServices@okie811.org.

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