Joining a Skype for business Meeting
Without Having the Skype Application

If you have been invited to join a Skype for Business meeting and you do not have a Skype for Business account yourself, you can still join that meeting as a guest. Since guests will not have the Skype for Business application, you will need to install a plugin for your web browser, just a small piece of software that you'll need to install one time.

Here are the basic steps to join a Skype for Business meeting with the Skype Meetings Web Browser App.

Skype 2.PNG
Skype 1.PNG
  • Open the meeting request in your email or Outlook calendar, and select Join Skype Meeting. (Depending on your version, you may see Join Online Meeting.)

    • If you would like to only join an audio meeting and not see video, call the Toll number listed on the meeting invite and input the Conference ID provided when prompted.

  • Follow your browser's instructions for installing Skype Meetings App plugin. For example, in Internet Explorer, select Run when you see the alert at the bottom of the browser window.

  • On the Skype Meetings App sign-in page, enter your name, and select Join.

If you are already a Skype for Business user, once you click the Join Skype Meeting link in your email or calendar, it will automatically open Skype for Business for you and join the meeting using your Office365 Account.

  • Alternatively, you can join the meeting directly from Skype for Business by going to the meetings tab and clicking Join for the corresponding meeting.

  • This will open the Skype meeting without ever having to open the invite from within your Outlook Calendar.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call (405) 657-1400 and ask for Matt Burleson, or email mburleson@omag.org.