OMAG’s Risk Management Services is committed to helping our member cities and towns provide the tools necessary to implement safe work practices and build solid risk management programs. The Safety Enhancement Grant Program was developed to assist in getting your safety goals met.

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Public Works Safety Enhancement Grants offer financial incentives to OMAG plan participants to purchase safety equipment or services that assist in reducing the frequency and severity of workplace injuries. Depending on the type of equipment, the grants match your investment on a 2:1 ratio basis (for every dollar spent by the municipality on a project, OMAG will spend two dollars), 3:1 ratio basis or 5:1 ratio basis. Interested members must submit an application form including the description and intended purpose of the safety equipment/service, and how it will make the workplace safer. Grant requests must be single items or groups of related items (i.e. work zone equipment, confined rescue equipment, lockout/tag out equipment, etc.)


Only current OMAG plan participants are eligible to participate. Grants are awarded in April and October each year. To be eligible for April awards, your application must be received between January 1 and March 31. Applications for October grants must be received between July 1 and September 30. Municipalities must wait 2 years after receiving a grant to apply for another grant.

Grant Awards

Members are eligible for awards in amounts up to $5,000 for Trench Box or Shoring Equipment for Excavation, $3,000 for Safety and Rescue Equipment for Confined Spaces, and $2,000 for other equipment such as PPE, First Aid Kits, Fireproof Cabinets, and Work Zone Equipment, etc. The minimum cost for requested items is $200. Grant monies must be used for the purchase of approved safety related equipment or services within twelve months of the date of grant approval. OMAG reserves the right to review appropriate documentation of all expenses.  Upon receiving newly purchased equipment, applicants must show proof of purchase by sending OMAG Risk Management Services a copy of the paid invoice.  Photos of your Public Works staff with the grant equipment are appreciated to help us promote the grant program.

Evaluation Criteria

The purchase of safety equipment or services with grant funds under this program is intended to directly enhance the health and safety of public works employees. Awards will not be made for items considered to be among those purchased by a member in the normal course of their operations. Routine expenses for member operations, such as equipment repair, licensing, etc. do not qualify. Disposable personal protective equipment such as hardhats, safety boots/shoes, gloves, or glasses do not qualify. A few examples of equipment/services that do qualify for consideration are (This is not an exhaustive list):

  • Emergency Eye Wash Stations

  • Lockout / Tag-out Equipment

  • Gas Detectors

  • Confined Spaces Rescue Equipment

  • Trench Protective Systems

  • Ergonomic Tools & Equipment

  • Chainsaw Personal Protective Equipment

  • Road Work Safety Equipment

  • Flammable Liquid Cabinets

  • SCBA Equipment

  • Hazardous Chemical Protective Gear

  • Hardhats with Ear Muffs & Face Shields

A committee of OMAG Risk Management Services staff reviews all applications. Awards are made on a competitive basis and are contingent on available funds. Applications requesting items that directly improve the safety of employees who experience severe or frequent workplace exposure, that demonstrate need, and provide/replace non-existent or substandard equipment will be given priority. All applicants will be notified of OMAG's decision in regard to their application. OMAG will not accept incomplete or illegible applications. Applications that do not meet program guidelines will not be considered.

 Application Guidelines

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  • Completed applications and all appropriate supporting documentation must be received in the specified timeframe for the April or October award period.

  • Since each grant application is reviewed on its own merit, requests must be for single items or groups of related items. For example: Confined Spaces rescue tripod, harness, carabiners, hoist, and gas detector for permit-required confined space entry work.

  • Applications must provide a description of the safety equipment or service requested and cost, as well as your financial commitment. (Attach written vendor estimates, etc.)

  • Explain why this particular equipment or service is needed and how it will aid in reducing the frequency and/or severity of workplace injuries.

  • Items purchased prior to grants being awarded are not eligible for a grant award.

  • A key official (Town/City Manager, Mayor, City Clerk or Director) of the requesting entity must sign the application. No more than two applications per entity may be submitted in a grant period, and then only one will be potentially selected and approved.

  • Award decisions are made by the Risk Management Services Committee. All grant awards are final. Grants will be valid for one year following the date awarded.

  • Award commitments will be based on this application, but documentation of purchase will be required after funds are dispersed.

  • Reimbursement will not be made for the cost of items or services that have also been paid for by other grant or funding sources.

 How to apply for a grant

  1. Read all pages of instructions.

  2. Complete the application form. Get signatures.

  3. Attach quotes and supporting documentation to the application. Please do not return instruction pages.

  4. Mail or fax the documents. (Keep a copy for your records) to:



Risk Management Services –
Grant Program
3650 S. Boulevard
Edmond, OK 73013-5581

Fax: (405) 657-1401


Note: Application must be completed entirely, dated and signed by applicant and key official in order to be considered for a grant.