OMAG Surplus Equipment Distribution

In August 2016, OMAG's Board of Trustees approved a change to OMAG's Asset Inventory and Control Policy that allows OMAG to transfer any inventory declared as surplus to any of OMAG's members for no cost. Historically, our surplus equipment and inventory was directly auctioned off to the public at large, but OMAG believes that some of this equipment, while gently used, may still be of benefit to OMAG's membership during trying economic times. Due to the fact that OMAG members purchased the equipment through their premiums, we feel it is only fair to provide it back to OMAG members. Any equipment left unclaimed will be auctioned off to the public as per procedure.

At this time, there is no active distribution list. OMAG general does a surplus distribution 1-2 times a year. To stay up to date and informed about the next surplus distribution, please sign-up for the Surplus Equipment Distribution Notifications email.

Other Surplus Departments/Providers in Oklahoma

As a courtesy to OMAG Municipalities and due to the extensive need for equipment, OMAG has researched other political subdivisions throughout the state. The following is information that may be of benefit, but OMAG makes no guarantees as to availability or the condition of equipment. Any information provided below is subject to change, and we suggest you reach out to these groups for up-to-date information.

Entity Department Name Contact Information Cost/etc. Information
State of Oklahoma OMES Capital Asset Management - OK Daily Sales (405) 525-2354,
Items are offered to OK political subdivisions first-come, first-served via competitive bid, though starting prices are drastically reduced from retail. State surplus is offered to political subdivisions and all other non-profits at any time via either the online auction or from the State Surplus warehouse. State Surplus will require verification of status via a purchase order and an FEI number, and payment via check identifying the Municipality. Items for sale can be found on the State surplus website, and items should be checked for quality, damage, etc. ahead of time.
State of Oklahoma OMES Capital Asset Management - Federal Surplus (405) 525-2354,
Items are offered to OK political subdivisions first-come, first-served via competitive bid, though starting prices are drastically reduced from retail. Federal surplus is similar to State surplus, above. Items are reutilized from federal departments for Oklahoma political subdivisions and non-profits.
State of Oklahoma OMES Capital Asset Management - Public Auction (405) 525-2354,
Items are only available competitively via public auction
Oklahoma State University OSU Surplus (405) 744-7648 Equipment provided prior to public auction is provided at no cost. Otherwise, items are offered competitively via public bids. For no-cost or low-cost surplus, local governments should submit detailed requests on government letterhead, stating specific needs. OSU Surplus attempts to render assistance based on these needs and availability. This part of the process is called Reutilization and is fulfilled on a first-come first-served basis with priority given to OSU intradepartmental and general educational needs, though OSU Surplus has provided significant assistance to municipalities in the past as needs have matched up with availability. Any items that remains is offered at public auction and can be purchased by a municipality. Some equipment listed under ""Monthly Surplus Listing"" at the following address:"
City of Tulsa Purchasing Services Items are only available competitively via public auction Auctions are usually held twice per year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Information on the auctions is posted on the City of Tulsa website.
City of Oklahoma City Surplus Property Items are only available competitively via public auction Items are available via online public auction. Item prices begin at amounts lower than retail but are offered for sale to the public. Public works surplus equipment is handled separately.

Municipal Surplus Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Municipal Surplus Distribution Program?

Municipal surplus distribution is different than a public auction. It is a no-cost "sale" to OMAG Member cities and towns. OMAG Member Municipalities have right of first refusal of any OMAG Surplus equipment. After the Municipal surplus distribution, any remaining equipment will be offered for public auction, and finally, if anything remains after the public auction, recycled.

What equipment is available?

Any equipment available will be posted on this page when it is available for reservation or public auction.

How do I request or "hold" equipment?

During periods of municipal surplus distribution, a form will be available on this page to request equipment. Please include the exact items you are requesting and their quantity. Requests will be handled first-come, first-served. Generally speaking, during the request period, municipalities will be limited to 2 items each, though OMAG may make exceptions for requests for non-working items or obscure parts, or if no other municipality requests an item. If holds are not picked up, or other arrangements made with OMAG staff, from OMAG's offices within 72 hours after your request is accepted by our staff (you will receive an email), the next member to request the equipment will be given an opportunity to claim it or it will go back on the list. At the end of the distribution period, any equipment unclaimed will be sold at public auction, and finally sent to a recycler or sold for scrap.

Who can request this equipment?

Only OMAG Member Cities and Towns are allowed access to this equipment. OMAG Members are not the same as OMAG Plan Participants. A member is a municipality that has executed the "Agreement to become an OMAG Member", and is a current OMAG Plan Participant in good standing. If you receive an annual ballot from OMAG for our board of trustees elections, that is one way you know you are probably an OMAG member. Non-members are welcome to bid on any remaining equipment during the public auction period.

How do I pick-up my equipment?

Equipment can be picked up between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday from March 16th through March 30th at 3650 S. Boulevard in Edmond. At this time, we're not really able to make arrangements to have equipment shipped or delivered. A municipal official with authority to sign for the equipment will need to be present, and must sign the inventory transfer and to certify that the equipment is to be used for municipal government business only.

What about warranties, setup, or assistance?

The equipment, especially the IT and computer equipment, does not come with any warranty from OMAG, and in most cases the original equipment manufacturer warranty has already expired. We have also endeavored to identify any broken, damaged, or DOA equipment, though with the right tools and replacement parts, we believe all of our equipment could be returned to useful life, or at least can be used for spare parts. OMAG Technology Services is willing to provide general advice and assistance, and we are willing to work with any municipality's IT team, but we cannot act as a replacement for a local, full-time IT team dedicated to your municipality.

What can the equipment be used for?

The equipment is to be transferred to a municipal government only and should only be used for that municipal government's official business. OMAG will require a city or town official present during the transfer to sign for the equipment. It is the discretion of the leadership of each municipality what projects or use the equipment is to be used for.