Law Enforcement Risk Management

OMAG covers more than 450 municipalities in the Municipal Liability Protection Plan which includes coverage for 330 police departments. Police Departments comprise a significant risk for our cities, and therefore, OMAG has created a dedicated team to partner with member law enforcement to provide training, information, and knowledge on how to safely conduct law enforcement activities while managing risk. Our Law Enforcement specialists are seasoned veterans of Oklahoma police departments with decades of real-world experience. These experts have created a training curriculum designed to teach real-world scenarios and address some of our cities biggest liability risks, while helping officers understand ways to keep themselves safe. Some of our resources include free live Defensive Driver training, a powerful Use Of Force Simulator with a variety of real-world scenarios, and in-person assessments. These resources are free to our customers. Please use the contact information below to contact our Law Enforcement specialists and schedule your free Use Of Force Simulator training, defensive driver training, or other law enforcement training. We're looking forward to meeting your officers!

Human Resources and Professional Development Risk Managment

In every city, properly managing and supervising employees is a constant challenge. Employment law claims and lawsuits are one of the most expensive types of claims facing cities. Even with the best of intentions, supervisors and managers may say something or do something that gets the city or town into hot water—unless they are trained.
OMAG recognizes this high dollar risk and is committed to helping our cities and towns deal with employment issues. We offer training programs, resources, management training DVD’s, and legal consultation. Some of our training programs include:

  • Supervisor Improvement Program

  • Non-Discrimination & Non-Harassment Training (includes Sexual Harassment Training)

  • Customer Service Training

  • Assistance Writing Job Descriptions

Public Works and General Services Risk Management

OMAG offers a variety of customized on-site services for Public Works and other City Services, including Natural Gas distribution system auditing, assessments and planning to prevent Sanitary Sewer overflows, and a variety of publications and best practices. Please contact our Risk Management division for further information or to schedule an on-site visit.