Welcome to your new office phone. Thank you for checking out our help topics and videos. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to any of the OMAG IT staff.

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Log in and setup:

Basic Phone Operation:

How Your PC and Phone Work Together

Cell Phone Integration

Advanced Features

Phone Transition Notes:

  • We will be required to leave your old phone at your desk until we fully complete the Phone System Migration Project. Our Receptionists will be the last phone to transition, and due to the fact that our old system is not compatible with our new one, you will still only be able to receive calls transferred from our main number, through the Receptionists, to your old phone, until we fully complete the migration.

  • Your current, external, direct-dial number (such as 405-657-1465) will be transferred (a process called number porting) to your new phone. This is due to the new phone company contacting the old and scheduling the number change. We will keep you apprised on when these phone numbers will transition.

  • If you have any other special requirements for phone service (faxing, conferencing, etc.) that we have not covered below, please contact Technology Services and request more assistance.

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