Technology Services for Municipalities

Need help? OMAG will lend its IT team to OMAG Member cities and towns, even showing up on-site to help with such projects as:

  • Cybersecurity assessments and audits

    • OMAG staff and partners can come on-site to perform a wide-range of cybersecurity related audits and assessments, including:

      • SCADA-system audits of water, wastewater, power distribution, and natural gas distribution systems.

      • Network penetration testing

      • Physical cybersecurity assessments

      • End-user training

  • Strategic IT Planning, Cost-Analysis, and Support

    • OMAG provides long-range planning for IT support and helps Municipalities answer the tough questions about IT. Our staff will visit your city, sit down with your staff, tour your facilities, and prepare a report detailing your current IT setup and any needs you should plan for. And remember, our staff is an extension of your city or town, and we don’t sell products, make commissions, or turn a profit. Instead, we want to help Oklahoma municipalities answer the tough technology management questions of today, such as:

      • “How much should I spend on IT?”

      • “Is my vendor doing a good job?”

      • “Should we move our services to the Cloud?”

  • IT Equipment Grants, Installation, and Support

    • In the event of a natural disaster or to prevent future claims, OMAG can provide limited equipment grants, including installation and support to cities in times of crisis or major need.

  • IT Conference Scholarships

    • Join us each year at the Oklahoma Government IT Association’s Fall Educational conference, even if you’re not an IT staff member. If you have questions about IT, it’s a great place to network with others from around the State with similar questions and needs.

  • Cybersecurity equipment grants

  • End-User Cybersecurity training, including:

    • Social engineering testing and training - Never get phished again!

    • Annual cybersecurity training, including on-site and via LocalGovU

    • Governing Body cybersecurity awareness