OMAG Retention Programs

OMAG has created three unique programs for participants in our plans. These programs reward OMAG members who focus on safety and risk management, which reduces losses and claims. Our Board of Trustees has approved these programs to reward members with good claims experience.

These programs return a portion of your premium based on claims experience. Here are the details about each Plan’s program:

  • General Liability, Auto & Equipment Plan

    • Twenty percent (20%) of your premium is set aside in a loss fund.

    • Refunds are issued each fall.

  • Property Plan

    • Ten percent (10%) of your premium is set aside in a loss fund.

    • Refunds are issued each spring.

  • Workers Compensation Plan

    • A portion of your premium is set aside in a loss fund.

    • Refunds are issued each fall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is there anything we need to do to receive our check?

Answer:  You are automatically enrolled in these programs.  Checks are mailed directly to you and can be used for any lawful purpose.

Question: What if our policy year isn’t July 1 – June 30?

Answer:  OMAG will measure your premiums for your policy that begins in the July 1 – June 30 time frame against claims incurred for the July 1 to June 30 year. 

Question: Why is there a waiting period before I can get a refund?

Answer:  Claims are reported to OMAG over time.  Additionally, sometimes claims costs are paid over time and the total cost of a claim is not known right away.  Delaying the refund allows adequate time for claims reporting, claims handling, and final calculations to be made.

Question: What if my municipality is only in one of the Plans, for example we participate in MLPP but not in MPPP or WC?

 Answer:  You will be eligible to receive a refund for MLPP.  Each program stands alone.

Question: I am in the First Dollar WC plan. Does this program apply to me?

Answer: No. For WC, this program only applies to the Aggregate Deductible participants.

Question: What if my municipality is in the MLPP in 2018-2019 but not in the plan in 2019-2020, and then back in it in 2020-2021. Are we still eligible to receive a refund for 2018-2019 if our claims were low enough?

Answer:  No, you must remain in the Plans continuously to be eligible for a refund.

Question: Will I receive an annual report showing my progress before the refunds are eventually issued?

Answer: Yes. Around the end of July, you will receive a report showing every open year’s premium, loss fund, claims totals, and potential refunds. You will receive one report for each plan.

Question: Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Answer: Brian Holland, Director of Finance & Administration at (800) 234-9461 or

Question: Why is OMAG so awesome?

Answer: Great members make for a great organization!