K9 Units - OMAG Insurance Coverage

The OMAG Municipal Liability Protection Plan (MLPP) provides automatic general liability insurance coverage for your K9 Unit.  The dog and the handler must maintain their CLEET Certification in order to meet coverage requirements.  For example, let’s say the dog is trained to be passive in his response (by barking or going on point to indicate he recognizes something) and damage occurs when he jumps on a vehicle.  The owner can file a claim for their damages to the vehicle.  

In another instance, if the dog is trained to respond to a drug search in an aggressive manner (by jumping up onto the vehicle to indicate something has been found) and damages the vehicle, then the OMAG MLPP would not cover the damages.   In a case such as this, the officer should take measures to cover the dog’s paws if he knows that the dog will respond by jumping on the vehicle.  

The City or Town needs to be aware that when the dog is kenneled on private property (at the handler or police officer’s residence), any claim filed by another person for property damage or bodily injury would have to be addressed by the handler/police officer’s homeowners coverage.  The OMAG Municipal Liability Protection Plan coverage only applies when the K9 is on duty.

The MLPP does not provide coverage for animal mortality.  


K9 Units:  OMAG Insurance Coverage was written by Stephen E. Reel, OMAG General Counsel. You may contact the author at sreel@omag.org. The information in this Risk Alert is intended solely for general informational purposes and should not be construed as or used as a substitute for legal advice or legal opinions with respect to specific situations, since such advice requires an evaluation of precise factual circumstances by an attorney. OMAG does not represent or endorse any group, site or product that may be mentioned in this article. 
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