Membership Information

The Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group (OMAG) was created as an interlocal cooperation agency in 1977 to provide a means for cities and towns to jointly address insurance needs.  It was designed to allow its members to govern OMAG by electing a Board of Trustees to set rates and premiums, to hire a Chief Executive Officer, and to provide policies and procedures to administer the mission of the group.

Over 500 Oklahoma cities and towns participate in an OMAG insurance plan each year.  Yet, over 125 of those aren’t members of OMAG. A member of OMAG is a municipality that has formally adopted the Agreement Establishing the Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group and is a current customer of any of the three OMAG Protection Plans (General Liability/Auto, Property, or Workers’ Compensation).

All members have the right to be represented in the Board of Trustees by nominating and voting on Board members. Member municipalities have ownership and, thus, equity in the assets of the group in the unlikely event of dissolution. There are no costs or dues for OMAG membership. Cities actively participating in any of the 3 plans must simply sign the membership agreement.

For information on how your municipality can become a member, please contact Dorie Spitler at OMAG. Dorie can be reached at (405) 657-1400 or