Cloud Architect

SALARY:  Range: $70,125 - $87,885 (DOE) 

OPENING/CLOSING DATE:  June 25, 2019 until filled



Assist all OMAG staff with the usage of cloud services and operations in the cloud. Administer and manage all OMAG’s cloud services and plan, configure, and deploy services and intra-service communications between different cloud services providers. Serve as the primary System Administrator of OMAG’s line-of-business Policy and Risk Management Information System. Manage OMAG’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform in both Amazon Web Services and MS Azure and assure that services are cost-effective, highly available, backed up regularly, and promote automated communication. Ancillary duties include providing support and encouragement to OMAG Municipalities on the adoption of cloud services. 


A.1 Utilizing good customer service skills and with friendliness and a helpful attitude, and to the best of your technical ability, provide basic customer computer support for OMAG staff, members, and Oklahoma municipal government users when asked.

A.2     Configure automatic deployment of all software and necessary configuration for security, automation, and ease of use for all OMAG managed endpoints through chosen MDM solution.

A.3     Configure, support, and secure OMAG’s Azure AD infrastructure and assist in the decommission of traditional Active Directory infrastructure, where possible. Manage AWS Active Directory where necessary.

A.4     Insure the integrity and availability of all OMAG cloud infrastructure and servers, including backups, patching, uptime, and responsiveness.

A.5     Connect and configure data flows between systems where necessary to promote automation between disparate systems, communication between systems, and to allow for data warehousing, reporting, and other functions as requested by users.

A.6     Administer, train, upgrade, support, and configure OMAG’s O365 Skype for Business/Teams VOIP phone system.

A.7     Serve as the primary System Administrator of OMAG’s Office 365 environment and promote the usage of the appropriate tools to all users.  

A.8     Serve as the primary System Administrator of OMAG’s RMIS system

A.9     Update and respond to project management tasks as directed by the Technology Services Project Manager and/or Technology Services Director.

A.10   Assist the Technology Services Director with planning and strategic IT leadership to OMAG members for cloud services migrations, and present to municipal staff on the benefits of cloud services.

A.11  Maintain and enhance your technical, project management, and analyst skillset by attending local chapter meetings of AWS Meetups, Azure Meetups, or another relevant organization, attending training, and achieving certifications and other recognitions.

A.12   Perform other duties as directed in a manner which supports the vision, goals and objectives as well as the overall effectiveness of OMAG.


B.1      Consistently demonstrate accountability for proper job performance, showing competency and understanding of job responsibilities to further the goals and objectives of OMAG. 

B.2      Exercise good judgment and initiative in seeing work to be done and doing it. 

B.3      Maintain technical and/or professional proficiency in primary area of responsibility, demonstrating responsibility for self-development, striving to continuously stay informed regarding new ideas and procedures applicable to specific area of responsibility.   

B.4      Maintain the information technology and systems that are essential to capture and analyze key data, present reporting and communicate effectively. 

B.5      In conjunction with Management, assure that loss-producing exposure is identified and corrected. 

B.6      Demonstrate responsibility for safe, economical use of equipment and supplies, including reporting needs for repair and/or replacement to the appropriate individual in a timely manner. 

B.7      Demonstrate ability to establish priorities regarding work responsibilities and to adjust to new circumstances of ideas as well as changing needs of the department and OMAG. 

B.8      Establish and maintain positive working relationships with supervisors, co-workers, Board members, municipal representatives and the public, striving to keep open communication at all times. 

B.9      Show support and respect for OMAG, its policies and people, the municipalities, vendors, visitors and employees. 

B.10    Discuss concerns or disagreements regarding policies, goals or decisions with the appropriate individual in a manner which assists in problem solving. 

B.11    Demonstrate an attitude of cooperation, open-mindedness and flexibility regarding resolution of disagreements or problems. 


  • Oklahoma drivers’ license and transportation suitable for frequent travel throughout the state is required


  • High school graduate or (GED).

  • Bachelors Degree in MIS, Computer Science, Business, or  related field preferred, but not required.

  • Amazon Web Services Associate Level (or above) or MCSA: Cloud Platform (or above) certifications preferred.

  • Experience with the following technologies a plus, but not required:

    • Writing basic SQL queries

    • Experience using and configuring RESTful web services

    • SAML SSO through Azure AD

    • Microsoft Sharepoint and/or Teams delivered via O365

    • Microsoft Flow, Zapier, or other Cloud Connector software


(The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.)

  •  Ability to talk and/or hear.  (Talking – expressing or exchanging ideas by means of spoken words). (Hearing – perceiving nature of sounds by ear).

  • Ability to physically communicate via telephone and in person

  • Must be able to travel and to attend a wide variety of legal and/or governmental, political, and business functions throughout the State of Oklahoma as well as nationally when necessary. 


  • Ability to speak and/or signal people to convey or exchange information.  Includes receiving assignments and/or directions from supervisor as well as giving assignments and directions to those supervised.

  • Ability to read a variety of reports, applications, messages, letters, informational documentation, directions, instructions, and methods and procedures.

  • Ability to prepare forms, reports and letters using prescribed formats and conforming to all rules of punctuation, grammar, diction, and style.

  • Ability to speak to people with poise, voice control and confidence. 


  • Ability to coordinate hands and eyes in using a computer and other office machines.

  • Ability to drive a vehicle in a safe manner

  • Ability to handle a variety of items such as computers, adding machines, boxes and cartons of supplies, etc. 


  • Ability to use tact, diplomacy, and establish positive working relationships with individuals in a wide variety of municipal positions.

  • Must be adaptable to performing under minimum stress when confronted with an emergency.


Formal application, rating of education and experience; oral interview and presentation; and reference check.