OMAG Video Loan Agreement

OMAG plan participants may use our safety and health video library free of charge! Borrowing a video is as simple as making a phone call to Kip Prichard at (405) 657-1400 or you can make a request on-line using the form below. We'll even ship them to you, free.

Reservation Procedures

Please book as far in advance as possible to ensure availability of your selection. Specify the video, date required, and shipping information. Plan participants located in the Oklahoma City metro area may pick up their videos in person. If you are outside the metro areas and unable to pick up your selection(s), OMAG will mail them to you via USPS. Return shipping and insurance charges are the responsibility of the user.

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Video List and Categories:

Safety Awareness and Physical Security Training DVDs:

  • Job Safety Awareness: Safety Awareness and You

  • Changing the Way We Think About Safety

  • Housekeeping; It Ain't Like the Movies

  • Slips,Trips,& Falls- Taking the Right Step

  • Safety Orientation: Don't Be A Zombie

  • Public Building Security

  • Workplace Violence- The Calm Before the Storm

  • Emergency Action Plan: Crisis Under Control

  • Accident Investigation: The Big Picture

  • Office Safety: It's a Jungle in There

  • Hazard Awareness: Ready Day One

  • Stairways and Ladders: A Safe Step

  • Back Safety: Lift Well Live Well

Human Resources, Management, and General Safety Training DVDs:

  • Who Cares?

  • Drop by Drop

  • Harassment Is…

  • Recognizing Drug & Alcohol Abuse for Managers

  • Recognizing Drug & Alcohol Abuse for Employees

  • Ergonomics: It's Your Move

  • Fire Safety: Alert, Aware, and Alive

  • First Aid: Prepared to Help

Utilities, Public Works, and Chemical Safety Training DVDs:

  • Water & Sewer Treatment Plant Safety

  • Waste Water Backup & Overflow Response

  • Waste Water Backup & Overflow Loss Control

  • Solid Waste: Complete Series Training

  • Lockout/Tagout- Controlling The Beast

  • To the Point About Lockout/Tagout

  • Electrical Safety for the Qualified Worker

  • Chlorine: Handle w/ Care

Protective Equipment and and Personal Safety Training DVDs

  • PPE for Landscape, Maintenance, and Custodial Workers

  • Hearing Protection: Sounds Good to Me

  • Hand Safety: It's in Your Hands

  • Respiratory-A Sure Fit

  • First Aid: Prepared to Help

  • Back Protection: Defending Your Safe Zone

  • Back Safety For Material Handlers

  • Confined Spaces: Keeping Public Employees Safe

Blood-borne Pathogen Training DVDs

  • Blood-borne Pathogens Training for Employees (17 minutes)

  • Blood-borne Pathogens Update Light Industry/Commercial (25 Minutes)

  • Blood-borne Pathogens for Law Enforcement

  • Blood-borne Pathogens: Just the Facts

  • MRSA Awareness

  • Blood-borne Pathogens: Know the Risks

Driving Safety Training DVDs

  • Distracted Driving: Game Over

  • Backing and Parking for Cars and Light Trucks

  • Emergency Response Driving

  • Driving Safety in the Hazards of Winter

  • Driven To Distraction

  • Driven To Distraction 2

  • Safe Winter Driving

  • Defensive Driving: A Crash Course

Heavy Equipment Training DVDs

  • Wood Chipper Safety

  • Brush Chipper w/Winch Safety

  • Chainsaw/Tree Felling Safety -with Husqvarna Saws

  • Chainsaw/Tree Felling Safety -with Stihl Saws

  • Backhoe Frontend Loader Safety

  • Backhoe Safety

  • Skid Steer Safety

  • Bucket Trucks- Extending Your Safet

Seasonal Hazards Training DVDs

  • Heat Stress for Public Employees: Seeing Red

  • Heat Stress

  • Grounds-keeping: Dealing w/Bugs and Critters

  • Grounds-keeping Safety: Be a Pro

  • Poison Oak & Ivy Training

  • Landscape Power Tool Safety

  • Aquatic Risk Management: Keeping Your Head Above Water

  • Winter Safety

Work-zone and Construction Training DVDs:

  • Highway Work Zone Safety

  • What's Wrong with this Work-zone Part 1

  • What's Wrong with this Work-zone Part 2

  • Cave-In!

  • Trench Emergency

  • Installing Trench Boxes

  • Wrong with this Work-zone Part 2


Hazard Communication Training DVDs:

  • Hazard Communication: Your Key to Chemical Safety

  • What to do in an Emergency

  • Hazard Communication for Public Employees

  • Hazard Communication: Your Safety Net

  • HazCom: In Synch w/GHS