OMAG has partnered with Lexipol, an online policy development and training platform for public safety. This system is provided free to OMAG customers to improve law enforcement risk management efforts and empower Municipal leadership with the tools to inform, train, and manage law enforcement staff while reducing.

To access your city's customized platform, please access the Lexipol site and login using the username and password provided to you. If you need assistance, please contact the OMAG Law Enforcement team.

The link to Lexipol will take you to a third-party website. OMAG is a customer of Lexipol.


OMAG has partnered with LocalGovU to provide online classes related to general office best practices and policies. LocalGovU provides a flexible, online training systems and allows Administrators and Managers to track and report out on progress of employee training. 

The link to LocalGovU will take you to a third-party website. OMAG partners with LocalGovU.

Travelers Risk Management Portal

OMAG has partnered with the worldwide insurance company Travelers to provide online risk management documentation, analysis services, and online training through Travelers' best-of-breed Risk Control portal.

The link to Travelers will take you to a third-party website. OMAG is a customer of Travelers.

BRIT TEAM Platform

BRIT Global Specialty has partnered with OMAG and provides OMAG's customers access to its TEAM platform for risk management information, online risk assessments, and targeted and managed video training. Through this partnership, all OMAG customers have access to the BRIT TEAM platform and can assign, manage, and create profiles for staff in their cities.

Your access to the BRIT TEAM platform has already been created by OMAG, and each city will have a user that can assign permissions to other users. To find out who in your city has these permissions, please contact OMAG Member Services.

If you need assistance logging in, you may also contact the BRIT TEAM support through their website.

Beazley Cyber Breach Solutions Portal

OMAG now offers cyberliability coverage to all OMAG General Liability/Auto members, and as part of this offering, all members get access to the Beazley's Breach Solutions Cyber Risk Management page. To get access to the site, users will need to register using the policy number and registration code provided to them in the welcome letter sent to all members.

The link to Beazley's Breach Solutions page will take you to a third-party website. OMAG is a customer of Beazley.

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